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Tin Fung Group background

      Tin Fung Group has been rooted in Hong Kong for more than 30 years, and has been aiming at promoting sustainable business development and growth. The group spans many fields, including gold industry (real precious metal trading), jewelry manufacturing industry (jewelry casting and refining, jewelry accessories and K gold chain supply), real estate industry (factory building, office building, residential and parking space leasing) and safe rental service etc. The group's brand "Tin Fung Jewelry" is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in Hong Kong; "Tin Fung Gold Industry" is also a member of the "Gold and Silver Trading Market" with a long history. Tin Fung has rich production experience, talents and advanced equipment in Hong Kong and domestic factories, which enable the business to grow continuously. Over the years, we have provided high-quality services to many well-known domestic and foreign brands, and the relevant customers have now spread all over the mainland of China, Asia, Europe and the United States and other markets.

Tin Fung smart safe deposit box

      We are currently the largest private safe deposit box center in Hong Kong. It is located in the 7000-square-foot self-owned property of the group. It provides 5 sizes of UL safe deposit boxes for rental in the name of companies or individuals. The venue is equipped with a number of advanced security equipment, including a face recognition login system, motion and heat detection devices, etc. 24 hours connected to a well-known security monitoring center. In addition, "Lloyd's of London" also underwrites the maximum comprehensive insurance coverage of $500,000 for the users in the venue.

Tin Fung philosophy

      The living standard of Hong Kong people is relatively high, and many people have a certain demand for luxury goods. For example, famous watches or handbags, which have been sought after by the market in recent years, cost as much as 100,000 yuan. If a user wants to install an in-wall or a larger-scale safe at home, in addition to considering the space issue, the user may also have to bear the loss by himself. Tin Fung has many years of professional experience in operating factories, production and jewelry business, and has a lot of experience in cost, quality and security management. It is hoped that the past successful experience can be extended to 「 Tin Fung smart safe deposit box」, and continue to provide the general public with affordable, safe and reliable private safe deposit box services with new security technology and high-quality services.

Business Scope

Business Office Sales and Leasing
Residence Sales and Leasing
Shops Sales and Leasing
Carpark Sales and Leasing
Jewellery Accessories,Necklance & Bracelet and Precious Metal Casting service

Safe Deposit Box Lease Service

- suitable for storing all kinds of precious items such as Jewellery, gold bars, gold coins, currency, famous watches, small antiques, leases of property

About Safe Deposit Box Lease Service, please visit our Safe Deposit Box Lease Web page

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